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28/12/2007: In Memoriam Hans August Lücker
14/12/2007: The EPP-ED Group launches new Policy websites
6-7/12/2007: EPP-ED Group Bureau meeting in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
28/11/2007: Celebration of the signature of the Charter of Fundamental Rights
27/11/2007: Public Hearing: Health Check of the CAP
17-22/11/2007: 14th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Kigali (Rwanda)
08/11/2007: A New Regional Policy: Innovative Ideas for the post-2013 Reform
08/11/2007: Conference on Student Mobility in Europe (European Parliament, Brussels)
08/11/2007: Conference on Tibet (European Parliament, Brussels)
07/11/2007: EPP-ED Public Hearing on Financial Market Supervision (European Parliament, Brussels)
18/10/2007: EPP-ED Study Day on EU-China relations "Opportunities and Challenges" (European Parliament, Brussels)
15/10/2007: Public Hearing on EU-Budget implementation - The Role of NGOs
09/10/2007: Public Hearing on Sustainable European transport policy
03-04/10/2007: Public Hearing on Governance in the European Commission
20-22/09/2007: EPP-ED Group Bureau meeting (EIN Summer University) in Warsaw (Poland)
18/09/2007: Euromed - Islam Working Group
17/09/2007: Sharia in Europe
08/09/2007: Former Member of the European Parliament Lord BETHELL died at the age of 69 years on 8 September 2007
17-20/07/2007: EPP-ED Group Presidency visit to Washington
16/07/2007: Public Hearing: The Reform of the Community Trade Defence Instruments
4-6/07/2007: EPP-ED Group Study Days in Malta
03/07/2007: Public Hearing: Nuclear Waste: A Real Risk?
03/07/2007: Public Hearing: Sea Disasters
28/06/2007: Public Hearing: Does Europe need an anti-missile defence shield?
27/06/2007: Public Hearing on including aviation in the emissions trading scheme
26/06/2007: EPP-ED Group honours German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering MEP
26/06/2007: Public Hearing on Women in prison
23-28/06/2007: 13th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Wiesbaden (Germany)
21/06/2007: EPP Summit in Meise (Belgium) deenfr
14-15/06/2007: EPP-ED Group Bureau meeting in the Azores
14/05/2007: EPP-ED Group Hearing on Pharmaceuticals - Putting an End to Drug Counterfeiting
05/05/2007: Open Day in the European Parliament, Brussels
01/05/2007: Open Day in the European Parliament, Strasbourg
25/04/2007: 60th Birthday of Joseph Daul, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament deenfr
19-20/04/2007: EPP-ED Group Bureau meeting in Granada (Spain)
16/04/2007: 7th Summit of Chairmen of EPP-ED parliamentary groups of the EU-27
29-30/03/2007: EPP-ED Group Hearing on The balance between local and regional authorities - need for self administration and the development of the internal market
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24/03/2007: 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
16-19/03/2007: Third Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly in Tunis
08/03/2007: EPP Summit in Meise (Belgium) deenfr
08/03/2007: EPP-ED Group Hearing on the Constitution
08/03/2007: EPP-ED Group Hearing on the Regulation on Roaming
08/02/2007: EPP-ED Group Study Day on Belarus
08/02/2007: Public Hearing on Plant Chemicals
05/02/2007: In Memoriam - Pierre Pflimlin
31/01/2007: In Memoriam - Loyola de Palacio
16/01/2007:Hans-Gert Poettering elected President of the European Parliament
11/01/2007:Hearing on "EU-Syria relations: What Future for the Association Agreement?"
10/01/2007:New EPP-ED Presidency and Parliament Bureau
09/01/2007:Joseph Daul MEP elected new Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament

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