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A European Social Model for the Future

Brussels, 14 February 2008

The European Social Model and the values inherent to the European Social Model are rooted in the heritage of the EPP as Christian Democrats. I think that this is a point we need to emphasise...

Interview with José Albino Silva Peneda MEP (Portugal)

Hearing: A European Social Model for the Future
On the initiative of José Albino Silva Peneda MEP (Portugal), the EPP-ED Group organised a conference entitled "A European Social Model for the Future" in the European Parliament on 14 February.

Fear of the effects of globalisation, coupled with the continuing high level of unemployment and negative population growth, is increasing the number of sceptical voices among the general public regarding the point of the European Social Model at a time when people fear the loss of the protection afforded them by the welfare state against illness, old age, unemployment and poverty and feel that their living standards are being unreasonably eroded.

At the core of the European Social Model are measures to harness the economic powers of the free market in a regulatory system designed not only to prevent abuses but also to guarantee the satisfaction of basic social needs and social security, a system that combines freedom and civil equality before the law with social justice, solidarity and compensation.

José Silva Peneda is co-rapporteur of Parliament's report on the future European Social Model. Parliament has already adopted a Resolution on the subject, urging the Commission to take further initiatives to fully implement the internal market, while avoiding any "race to the bottom" effect, in terms of environmental, consumer or social standards.

Among the participants were European Commissioner Vladimír Špidla, Professor Detlev Albers (Universitaet Bremen), Professor Stephen Haseler (London Metropolitan University) and Professor Marco Ricceri (EURISPES, Rome). With increasing trends towards demographic change and globalisation, the main goal of the hearing was to promote a deep and open discussion on the future developments of the European Social Model.

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A European Social Model for the Future
José Albino Silva Peneda (EPP-ED, Portugal), Co-Rapporteur of the report 'European Social Model for the Future' (on the right), and Professor Marco Ricceri, EURISPES, Rome
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