European Agenda for Culture

27 February 2008

There is no Lisbon Strategy deserving that name if you forget the cultural side of life. You cannot achieve progress based on knowledge, if you do not think that in the concept of knowledge there is a point of culture. It's impossible...

Interview with Vasco Graça Moura MEP (Portugal)

European Agenda for Culture
Vasco Graça Moura MEP (EPP-ED, Portugal), Rapporteur of the report on the European Agenda for Culture
On Wednesday 27 February, the Committee on Culture and Education adopted a report by Vasco Graça Moura MEP (Portugal) on the European agenda for culture.

Culture plays a central role in European integration and in raising the EU’s profile on the international stage. To maximise its potential, an agenda for culture is being proposed to enable a strategy to be pursued both within the EU and in the EU’s relations with third countries.

The fact that culture is to be taken into account in the EU’s external relations is a highly significant development. The world is globalising and that implies an ever more pressing and urgent need to assert and strengthen the European identity, without detracting from the diversity of the cultures existing among the peoples of Europe.

The European agenda for culture is the first systematic attempt to move towards a European strategy for culture focusing on three main aims: promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, promoting culture as a catalyst for creativity within the Lisbon Strategy, and promoting culture as an essential element in the EU’s external relations.

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