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Music Services - Commission recommendation on online music services insufficient. Hans-Peter Mayer MEP and Doris Pack MEP


EPP-ED Hearing on Music Copyright<BR>
Doris Pack MEP and Hans-Peter Mayer MEP (both EPP-ED, Germany) and Manolis Mavrommatis MEP (EPP-ED, Greece) (on the right)
The Commission's recommendation on collective cross-border management of copyright for online music services is inadequate from a legal as well as a cultural and political view, MEPs Hans-Peter Mayer and Doris Pack said today at a hearing of experts in Brussels.

Doris Pack, coordinator in the European Parliament's Culture Committee, and Hans-Peter Mayer, Shadow Rapporteur for the EPP-ED Group in the Committee on Legal Affairs, said there is a consensus that music rights cannot be regarded only as a commodity. "Music and intellectual property, with the composer's rights, are important parts of cultural diversity within the European Union. In my view, the Commission's recommendation does not take this fact sufficiently into account, above all the obligation of the European Union to preserve European culture in order for us to be able to understand ourselves", Doris Pack said.

Hans-Peter Mayer criticised the Commission recommendation for not contributing to an increased legal clarity for producers and consumers of music: "Since music is not a conventional commodity on the EU Internal Market, and in view of the rapid technological advances made in the online sector, the European Union must provide a clear legal framework. The Commission recommendation leaves too many options open, instead of caring for the rights of artists, publishers and consumers in a faster, better and more effective manner."

The two EPP-ED MEPs made it clear that the Commission recommendation is not based on a European initiative, but on complaints from the industry. "The document available has up to now only been a recommendation, not legally binding. This is however not a reason not to be concerned, the recommendation is already developing an increased momentum in the minds of large market participants, especially in the Anglo-American world. To prevent small and middle-sized businesses and non-English speaking artists from being pushed out of the market, we must do more on a European level on this topic and provide necessary improvements", Hans-Peter Mayer and Doris Pack concluded.

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