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Exclusion of health services from Services Directive: Marianne Thyssen MEP asks for new legislative initiative to ensure greater legal certainty.


THYSSEN, MarianneToday, the EP's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted on an own-initiative report regarding the consequences of the exclusion of health services from the scope of the Services Directive.

Marianne Thyssen MEP, Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP-ED Group and Member of the Consumer Affairs Committee, is dissatisfied with the vote: "The vote was very confusing and disorganised and more importantly, a paragraph slipped into the final text which pleads for the inclusion of any new health services legislation into the Services Directive." This paragraph in itself was sufficient reason for Marianne Thyssen to vote against the report. Even though Thyssen thinks it unlikely that the paragraph which was adopted today will lead to a new debate on the Services Directive, it is squarely opposed to a point of view that was previously adopted by the European Parliament. Thyssen continued: "I refuse to support a text which includes such an unwise paragraph and which goes manifestly against a fundamental choice the European Parliament made earlier on."

In view of the plenary vote, Marianne Thyssen will ask the European Commission to come up with a legislative proposal. This proposal should on the one hand clearly establish for which matters in the field of health services European legislation is needed, and on the other hand, leave Member States enough responsibility as regards the organisation and financing of health services on their own territory.

"All stakeholders involved (patients, medical and paramedical professionals, hospitals and social security organisations) will benefit from the best possible legal certainty", Thyssen concluded.

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