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Roaming compromise must be accepted by Council. Paul Rübig MEP and Angelika Niebler MEP


RUBIG, PaulNIEBLER, Angelika"After difficult negotiations, we have come up with a viable compromise on the roaming regulation. We are confident that we can find a majority in Parliament's political groups and finally in Plenary for this compromise. Council must now also accept this compromise. We have promised to deliver before this summer and to bring down roaming prices considerably. It is time for all Member States to live up to this promise", said Paul Rübig MEP, Parliament's Rapporteur on the Roaming Regulation, and the Chairwoman of the Committee on Industry, Research, Telecommunication and Energy, Angelika Niebler MEP.

Delegations from Parliament and Council agreed to submit a package compromise to their respective institutions. Covered by this package is an agreement on the maximum price caps for both the retail and the wholesale sector, arranged in a continuous price decrease over three years. Consumer prices for active roaming calls shall not exceed €0.49 per minute in the first year, €0.46 in the second and €0.43 in the third year. The price caps for passive, i.e. received, roaming calls shall be set at €0.24 in the first year, €0.22 in the second and €0.19 in the third year. Wholesale price caps have been set accordingly over a three year period, starting with €0.30 in the first year, €0.28 in the second and €0.26 in the third year.

All mobile phone consumers will receive a note from their network operators informing them about the roaming costs of their current tariff model as well as on the operator's new model with prices not exceeding the price caps guaranteed by the so-called Eurotariff. Consumers then have a period of three months in which they can decide for themselves whether to stick to their current tariff model or to switch to the Eurotariff. If consumers have not acted during this three month period, consumers with a standard contract, i.e. without specialised roaming tariffs, will be moved automatically into the Eurotariff model. On the other hand, consumers with a contract already offering special terms for roaming calls, will automatically keep their original contract.

"As a Parliament, we have shown great flexibility and willingness to reach a compromise. Of course, we will have to obtain a majority on this compromise package both in Committee and in Plenary, but we are confident. On the other hand, we now expect the Council to equally move and agree to this compromise package", concluded Rübig and Niebler.

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