Pressemitteilungen (Archiv)

Juni 2010

30/06/2010 Croatia: After opening three remaining chapters, Croatia is closer than ever to EU accession. Gunnar Hökmark MEPen
30/06/2010 147 Millionen EU-Bürger telefonieren ab 1. Juli noch günstiger am Handy. Paul Rübig MdEPdeen
30/06/2010 'Haïti: la reconstruction au point mort'- Michèle Striffler MdPEfr
29/06/2010 Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, congratulates Pál Schmitt on his election as the President of Hungaryen
28/06/2010 SWIFT-Abkommen unterzeichnet. Manfred Weber MdEP, Simon Busuttil MdEP und Ernst Strasser MdEPdeen
25/06/2010 Security of gas supply: agreement on regulation is a real solution to a real problem. Alejo Vidal-Quadras MEPen
25/06/2010 EP takes Frontex rules to the European Court of Justice. Simon Busuttil MEPen
25/06/2010 Hedge funds: l'accord sur la directive reporté au mois de septembre. Jean-Paul Gauzès, MdPE enfr
24/06/2010 Albanie: l'opposition doit prendre ses responsabilités et contribuer aux réformes. Joseph Daul, MdPE, Président du Groupe PPE au Parlement européenenfr
24/06/2010 E-Commerce: Knocking down cross-border barriers and gaining user confidence key elements for achieving digital single market. Pablo Arias MEPen
24/06/2010 Fight against poverty in the EU has to be more ambitious. Licia Ronzulli MEPenit
24/06/2010 MEPs, unions and business associations come together to save the European shipbuilding industry. Ville Itälä MEPen
24/06/2010 SWIFT: EPP Group ready to give green light to Swift Agreement. Manfred Weber MEP, Simon Busuttil MEP and Ernst Strasser MEPen
24/06/2010 Financial Crisis: Growth and competitiveness the answer. Danuta Hübner MEPen
23/06/2010 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: the EPP Group wants a date for the opening of negotiations with the EU. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliamentenfr
23/06/2010 Transatlantic link crucial for promoting democratic values. Gunnar Hökmark MEPen
23/06/2010 EU darf sich im Kosovo nicht selbst lähmen! Bernd Posselt MdEPdeen
23/06/2010 Kosovo has a European perspective but more reforms are needed. Eduard Kukan MEPen
23/06/2010 Security of gas supply: EPP Group expects Member States to back Parliament position to avoid new crisis. Alejo Vidal-Quadras MEPen
23/06/2010 Economic Governance - EPP Group welcomes significant steps forward by European Council. Corien Wortmann-Kool MEPen
23/06/2010 Greek Banks: Commission confirms capital requirements are satisfactory. Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou MEPen
23/06/2010 EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Safeguard clause will prevent harm to EU industry. Pablo Zalba MEPen
23/06/2010 Albanien muss europäische Perspektive behalten. Doris Pack MdEPdeenfr
23/06/2010 Iceland's application for membership of the EU welcomed by EP Committee. Cristian Preda MEPen
22/06/2010 Remuneration of directors: abnormalities must stop. Sławomir Nitras MEP en
22/06/2010 Body Scanners: EU must find a solution that meets security demands and respects human rights. Luis de Grandes Pascual MEP and Simon Busuttil MEPen
22/06/2010 Körperscanner an Flughäfen müssen Gesundheit und Privatsphäre der Passagiere wahren/ Body scanners must respect health and privacy of passengers. Mathieu Grosch MEPde
22/06/2010 Pêche: Mieux contrôler les importations pour sauvegarder la pêche européenne. Alain Cadec, MdPEenfr
21/06/2010 Belgian Presidency of EU Council: EPP Group expresses its confidence in the Leterme Government. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliamentenfr
21/06/2010 Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, to visit Skopje (22-23 June 2010)enfr
21/06/2010 Passive smoking major health hazard to children - European Parliament event discusses new scientific evidence. Theodoros Skylakakis MEPen
18/06/2010 Albania: Visit of Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliamentenfr
18/06/2010 Call for better protection of professional football players. Doris Pack MEPen
17/06/2010 Zone euro: rigueur et croissance, les clés de la reprise européenne. Joseph Daul, MdPE, Président du Groupe PPEenfr
17/06/2010 Estonia in the Eurozone: an act of confidence. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupenfr
17/06/2010 Israelis ease Gaza blockade: A positive step in the right direction. Ioannis Kasoulides MEPen
17/06/2010 Verfassungsreform in Bosnien-Herzegowina ist alternativlos! Doris Pack MdEPdeen
17/06/2010 Iceland's application for EU membership underlines the attractiveness of the European model. Cristian Preda MEP enro
17/06/2010 Nepal: work on new constitution needs to continue. Thomas Mann MEPen
17/06/2010 European People's Party Press Release: Conclusions of European Council on economic reforms a quantum leap forward
17/06/2010 Information campaign for the Euro. Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou MEPen
17/06/2010 Difficile caso di sottrazione dei minori risolto a Strasburgo/ Difficult case of child abduction resolved in Strasbourg. Roberta Angelilli MEPen
16/06/2010 Auf eine europäische Krise eine europäische Antwort. Joseph Daul MdEP, Vorsitzender der EVP-Fraktiondeenfr
16/06/2010 Albania: Joint communiqué by Joseph Daul, Chairman of the EPP Group, and Martin Schulz, Chairman of the S&D Group in the European Parliament en
16/06/2010 Road Transport Directive: the spectre of the Polish plumber haunts self-employed drivers. Edit Bauer MEPen
16/06/2010 International divorces and legal separations simplified. Tadeusz Zwiefka MEPen
16/06/2010 Eurozone: Estonia's admission is a beacon for whole Europe. Gay Mitchell MEPen
16/06/2010 Criminal proceedings: essential to ensure the right to translation. Elena Oana Antonescu MEPen
15/06/2010 European governance: Chairmen of parliamentary groups sound the alarm. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupenfr
15/06/2010 Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, congratulates László Tõkés MEP on his election as Vice-President of the European Parliamenten
15/06/2010 Hohe Hürden für Einsatz von Körperscannern. Manfred Weber MdEPdeenfr
15/06/2010 New Rail Freight Corridors established in the EU. Marian-Jean Marinescu MEPen
15/06/2010 Derivate: EU-Parlament für strenge Regulierung. Werner Langen MdEPdeen
15/06/2010 EU Budget 2011: Parliament adopts mandate for negotiations with Council and Commission. Sidonia Jędrzejewska MEPen
15/06/2010 Spanish and Irish regions will receive financial aid in support of redundancies. Barbara Matera MEP enit
15/06/2010 EU funds for cross-community initiatives passed by EU Parliament. Seán Kelly MEPen
15/06/2010 Football: European Parliament wants to tackle illegal activities by players' agents. Ivo Belet MEPen
15/06/2010 European People's Party Press Release: EPP leaders to meet for Party Summit ahead of European Council, in Meise
15/06/2010 PAC: la commission agriculture du Parlement européen vote massivement en faveur d’une agriculture forte, responsable et porteuse d’avenir. Michel Dantin, MdPE fr
15/06/2010 Notation de la dette souveraine : "les Etats ne doivent pas être les otages des agences de notation". Jean-Paul Gauzès, MdPEfr
15/06/2010 'The Christian Minorities in the Middle East'. Paul Rübig MEPen
14/06/2010 Belgian Elections: Time for constructive dialogue. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupenfrnl
14/06/2010 Global Wind Day: Wind produces environmentally-friendly investments and jobs. Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou MEPen
14/06/2010 Budget 2011 - L'heure est venue à l'imagination et à l'audace. Alain Lamassoure, MdPEfr
14/06/2010 EPP TV: Schengen Treaty - 25 years of Europe without frontiers - 
13/06/2010 Slovak elections: Much needed change in direction welcomed. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupen
11/06/2010 Schengener Abkommen ist Meilenstein Europäischer Integration. Joseph Daul MdEP, Vorsitzender der EVP-Fraktion, und Manfred Weber MdEP deen
10/06/2010 Political leaders in the European Parliament want Juncker to lead strengthened European economic governanceen
10/06/2010 Dutch Elections: reaction of the EPP Group. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupen
10/06/2010 Invitation to journalists: Press event with the Members of the International Trade Committeeen
10/06/2010 Montenegro is qualified for EU accession but it has to keep up with the reforms. Eduard Kukan MEPen
10/06/2010 Moldova: One year after the pro-European shift, Republic of Moldova is not alone on its path towards European integration. Monica Macovei MEP and Traian Ungureanu MEPenro - Photos Available
10/06/2010 Fisheries Policy Reform: EPP Group warns against reform without support of the sector. Carmen Fraga Estévez MEPen - Photos Available
09/06/2010 Croatia: Council should open the 3 remaining chapters of the accession negotiations. Mário David MEP and Gunnar Hökmark MEPen
09/06/2010 Pascale Gruny, MdPE, se place en acteur incontournable du Fonds Social Européen (FSE) au Parlement européenenfr
08/06/2010 EuGH-Urteil: Europäische Handybenutzer bleiben die Sieger. Paul Rübig MEPdeen
08/06/2010 Patients' rights in cross-border healthcare: Françoise Grossetête MEP welcomes Member States' agreementenfr
07/06/2010 Slovenia: positive outcome of vote should settle border issue with Croatia. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliamentenfr
04/06/2010 Fisheries policy reform: EPP Group to debate on core issues for change. Carmen Fraga MEPen
04/06/2010 Joint Parliamentary Meeting on Energy: EPP MEPs and MPs to gather for preparatory meeting. Paulo Rangel MEP and Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEPen
04/06/2010 World Environment Day: Need to protect the insular areas from the impact of climate change. Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou MEPen
03/06/2010 Assassination of Monseigneur Luigi Padovese: EPP Group expresses its condolences. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliamentenfritro
03/06/2010 Territorial Pact of Local and Regional Authorities on Europe 2020 Strategy: Initiative of EPP Groups in the European Parliament and in the Committee of the Regionsen
03/06/2010 Budget 2011: More funding for better detention conditions and fight against drugs. Salvatore Iacolino MEPenit
03/06/2010 Consumer Rights: Better protection for consumers. Andreas Schwab MEPen
03/06/2010 EU funds for Irish cross community initiatives pass first hurdle in European Parliament. Seán Kelly MEPen
02/06/2010 Europe must not give up on its Eastern neighbourhood. Gunnar Hökmark MEPen
02/06/2010 Bio-waste management: EU action is needed. José Manuel Fernandes MEPenpt
02/06/2010 Hazardous substances in electronic devices. Bogusław Sonik MEPen
02/06/2010 European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: Concrete EU measures for fighting the crisis and unemployment. Barbara Matera MEPen
02/06/2010 Estonia in the Eurozone: Estonia's success sign of optimism for Eurozone. Gay Mitchell MEPeten
02/06/2010 Danube Region Strategy: Public Hearing of the EPP Group and the EPP in the Committee of the Regionsenro - Photos Available
01/06/2010 Invitation: Challenges for the European Neighbourhood Policy: new values against old structures. Gunnar Hökmark MEPen
01/06/2010 Online Piracy: balanced approach by Marielle Gallo MEP wins the dayenfr
01/06/2010 Verfassungsreform in Bosnien alternativlos. Doris Pack MdEPdeen
01/06/2010 Israel muss Gaza-Blockade beenden. Michael Gahler MdEPdeen
01/06/2010 Conference of European Affairs Committees of EU Parliaments (COSAC) in Madrid. Carlo Casini MEP and Paulo Rangel MEPen
01/06/2010 Research Framework Programmes: Simplifying implementation. Graça Carvalho MEPenpt
01/06/2010 Divorce and legal separation: another step towards more amicable divorces in the EU. Tadeusz Zwiefka MEPen
01/06/2010 More rights for bus and coach passengers while protecting SMEs. Antonio Cancian MEPen
01/06/2010 Civil aviation: More safety and better assistance to the victims of accidents. Christine de Veyrac MEPenfr