Pressemitteilungen (Archiv)

Oktober 2010

31/10/2010 Integration of minorities: Lívia Járóka MEP receives Romanian excellence awarden
29/10/2010 Europäischer Rat: EU beweist Verantwortungsbewusstsein. Joseph Daul MdEP, Vorsitzender der EVP-Fraktion deenfr
29/10/2010 EU-China: Wir brauchen verstärkte Zusammenarbeit. Joseph Daul MdEP, Vorsitzender der EVP-Fraktiondeenfr
29/10/2010 European People's Party Press Release: EPP welcomes European Council conclusions; stronger Euro, stronger EU
28/10/2010 Zivil-militärische Zusammenarbeit: EU braucht eigenes Krisen-Hauptquartier. Christian Ehler MdEPdeen
28/10/2010 Barrier-free television: New means for free flow of information in Europe. Ádám Kósa MEPen
28/10/2010 Quelle ambition face à la désindustrialisation de l'Europe? Françoise Grossetête, MdPEfr
27/10/2010 Single Market Act: fresh impetus for citizens and business. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group and Andreas Schwab MEPen
27/10/2010 Cross-border healthcare: guaranteeing patients' access to and reimbursement of healthcare treatments. Françoise Grossetête MEP enfr
27/10/2010 Asylum applications from Serbia and FYROM. Simon Busuttil MEP, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEP and Monika Hohlmeier MEPen
27/10/2010 European Heritage Label: 'A prestigious and credible label to value our common heritage and make all Europeans discover what binds us'. Marie-Thérèse Sanchez-Schmid MEPenfr
26/10/2010 Serbia: Conclusions of Foreign Ministers on EU membership application welcomed. Eduard Kukan MEPen
26/10/2010 European Recovery Plan on Energy: An innovative tool to stimulate the European economy. Antonio Cancian MEPenit
26/10/2010 Accord sur la régulation des 'hedge funds': 'la nouvelle architecture financière progresse pas à pas'. Jean-Paul Gauzès, MdPEenfr
26/10/2010 European People's Party Press Release: 28 October: EPP leaders to meet at Party Summit ahead of the European Council
25/10/2010 Romania: EPP Group strongly supports government's reform programme and condemns populist actions of the Social Democratic opposition. Joseph Daul MEPen
25/10/2010 Frontex: Europe must show Greece solidarity. Simon Busuttil MEP and Georgios Papanikolaou MEPen
25/10/2010 European People''s Party Press Release: Cuba: EPP satisfied for EU decision of keeping Common Position, despite soft policy promoted by Spanish Government
24/10/2010 UE-Chine: la Présidence du Groupe PPE débat économie et droits de l'Homme à Pékin. Joseph Daul, MdPE, President du Groupe PPEenfr
21/10/2010 Sakharov Prize: EPP Group celebrates award for its candidate, Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas. José Ignacio Salafranca MEPen
21/10/2010 EU Employment guidelines adopted today - Csaba Őry MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Employment and social Affairsen
21/10/2010 ''Israeli preconditions endanger Middle East peace talks''. Hans-Gert Pöttering MEPen
21/10/2010 European Standardisation System: Proper representation of SMEs needs to be guaranteed. Lara Comi MEPen
21/10/2010 Une initiative qui encourage les jeunes aux réflexions sur les valeurs fondamentales. Carlo Casini, MdPE, et Joseph Daul, MdPE, Président du Groupe PPEfrit
21/10/2010 'Made In' Regulation: the EP says yes to the new legislation. Cristiana Muscardini MEPen
21/10/2010 Vertagung der Ukraine-Resolution des EP ein Sieg für die ukrainische Regierung. Michael Gahler MdEPdeen
21/10/2010 Russia must comply with its international obligations in the field of human rights and to block impunity in the North Caucasus. Laima Andrikienė MEPenlt
21/10/2010 Moldova reforms supported by the European Parliament. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group and Monica Macovei MEPen
20/10/2010 European governance: more community method. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupenfr
20/10/2010 The European Union needs its own budget. Joint Statement of Group Chairmen pdf
20/10/2010 Budget 2011: Meeting EU targets does not mean blowing up the EU budget. László Surján MEP and Salvador Garriga Polledo MEPen
20/10/2010 EU Budget 2011: Parliament adopts mandate for negotiations with Council and Commission. Sidonia Jędrzejewska MEP en
20/10/2010 Framework Agreement between Parliament and Commission adopted. Paulo Rangel MEPenpt
20/10/2010 Curbing late payment: Making life easier for SMEs. Małgorzata Handzlik MEPen
20/10/2010 Economic Governance: EPP Group will ask for a Convention if Treaty revision is required. Íñigo Méndez de Vigo MEPen
20/10/2010 Maternity leave directive: Parliament promotes subsidiarity and protects maternity. Anna Záborská MEPen
20/10/2010 European taxpayers get more transparency in EU foreign policy. Inge Gräßle MEP and Crescenzio Rivellini MEPen
20/10/2010 Roma: Commission and France both acted in line with the EU legislation. Manfred Weber MEP and Simon Busuttil MEPen
20/10/2010 Fighting poverty in the EU, we need concrete objectives and specific strategies. Licia Ronzulli MEPenlt
20/10/2010 G20 Summit. Danuta Hübner MEP en
19/10/2010 Eigenmittel: die Hauptzielsetzung dieser Legislatur - Joseph Daul MdEP, Vorsitzender der EVP-Fraktion im Europäischen Parlamentdeenfr
19/10/2010 Nobel Prize: EPP Group calls for Mr Lu Xiao Bo to be allowed to receive his Prize. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupen
19/10/2010 Parliament guidelines on Economic Crisis. Othmar Karas MEP and Sirpa Pietikäinen MEPen
19/10/2010 Attack on the Chechen Parliament condemned by the EPP Group. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupen
19/10/2010 Heartftelt condolences on the attacks in Poland. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group and Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEPen
19/10/2010 European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: tackling economic crisis, helping redundant workers. Barbara Matera MEPenit
18/10/2010 European People's Party: PES exploits rise of extremism for their self-serving populist rhetoric
15/10/2010 EPP Group Study Days: EPP Group calls for a release of reconstruction money after catastrophe in Madeira. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupen - Photos available
14/10/2010 EPP Group Study Days: EU disaster reaction capacity: EPP Group calls on Member States to set up a European Civil Protection Forceenfr - Photos available
14/10/2010 European People's Party Press Release: 28 October: EPP leaders to meet for Party Summit in Meise (Brussels) ahead of European Council
12/10/2010 Religious Freedom: EU external policies must incorporate religious freedom. Othmar Karas MEP and László Tőkés MEPen - Photos available
11/10/2010 Aviation Emission Trading: ICAO disappoints in climate protection. Peter Liese MEPen
11/10/2010 Kyrgyz people express clear democratic will during parliamentary elections. Mariya Nedelcheva MEP, Paweł Zalewski MEP and Joachim Zeller MEPen
08/10/2010 EPP Group Study Days: Outermost regions, civil protection force, internet and EU budget main topics of discussionen
07/10/2010 Basel III: Parliament adopts clear position as an answer to the crisis. Othmar Karas MEPen
07/10/2010 Cohesion Policy: Stimulating EU growth and competitiveness. Danuta Hübner MEP and Lambert van Nistelrooij MEPen
07/10/2010 Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina: Green light for free travel to the EU. Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEPen
07/10/2010 Hedge Funds: EP Rapporteur welcomes progress made in COREPER on third-country managers and funds. Jean-Paul Gauzès MEPenfr
07/10/2010 Lebanon: EPP Group gives its full support to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. Mário David MEPenfrpt
07/10/2010 European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: facing the rise in requests for funds directly available. Barbara Matera MEPenlt
07/10/2010 Collège européen de police: pour la première fois, le Parlement européen refuse d'accorder la décharge - Véronique Mathieu MdPEenfr
07/10/2010 Future of European Social Fund: a real opportunity to give social Europe a face. Pascale Gruny MEP enfr
07/10/2010 EU budget should reflect its ambitions. Sidonia Jędrzejewska MEPen
06/10/2010 Death Penalty: The European Union must constantly raise awareness on the abolition of capital punishment. Eduard Kukan MEPen
06/10/2010 Visa Liberalisation: Eduard Kukan MEP congratulates Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina for their achievements on visa free regime.en
06/10/2010 Synthetic Drugs: Two new synthetic drugs on the market per month - 48 in the last 2 years. Salvatore Iacolino MEPenit
06/10/2010 Conference on Body Scanners and Security Intelligence. Salvatore Iacolino MEPenit
05/10/2010 Hungarian chemical red mud spill - expression of solidarity. Joseph Daul MEPenhu
05/10/2010 Late Payment Directive: General 30 day cap on payment. Małgorzata Handzlik MEPen
05/10/2010 Religious Freedom: European Parliament takes action to promote religious freedomen
05/10/2010 EPP European Affairs Network: European and national parliaments unite for the democratisation of the EU. Paulo Rangel MEPen - Photos available
05/10/2010 Malta Week: Invitation to a press conference. Simon Busuttil MEPen - Photos available
05/10/2010 Serbia is on the right track to EU integration but more work and more results are needed. Eduard Kukan MEPen
05/10/2010 Cohesion Policy - Miroslav Mikolášik MEP appointed as European Parliament's Rapporteur for the Cohesion Policy Strategic Report 2010ensk
04/10/2010 Press Invitation: EPP Group Seminar on 'Towards Peace and Democracy in Burma', Maria da Graça Carvalho MEPen
04/10/2010 Parliament-Commission Framework Agreement: An important evolution for the Parliament-Commission cooperation. Paulo Rangel MEPen
04/10/2010 Body scanners and new security tools: invitation to conference. Salvatore Iacolino MEP en
03/10/2010 Latvian PM Dombrovskis congratulated on election victory. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Groupenlv
03/10/2010 European People's Party Press Release: Netherlands: statement of EPP President Wilfried Martens on the formation of the new Liberal-led government in the Netherlands
01/10/2010 4th Network Meeting of EPP National Parliamentarians and the EPP Groupen
01/10/2010 MEP 2.0 Workshops - invitation to launch and presentation of workshops. Damien Abad MEPenfr
01/10/2010 Integrated Maritime Policy: a step closer towards a common Maritime Governance. Georgios Koumoutsakos MEPen
01/10/2010 Malta Week: The islands' pjazza will be brought to the heart of Brussels. Simon Busuttil MEP, David Casa MEP. en
01/10/2010 Turkey: Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEP on the 5th anniversary of EU Turkey negotiationsen