Press releases (Archive)

July 2006

28/07/2006 MEPs hopeful that Congolese elections will be a successenfr
20/07/2006 La délégation UMP, championne de l'assiduité au Parlement européenfr
14/07/2006 G8: US and Russia must pull back Israel. Edward McMillan-Scott MEPen
14/07/2006 Finnish presidency blocks reform of the financial regulation. Inge Gräßle MEPdeen
13/07/2006 EPP, Conservatives - Hans-Gert Poettering on statement by David Cameron and Mirek Topolánek on possible formation of a new European Group in 2009deen
13/07/2006 Over 100 MEP's urge President Putin to give Mikhail Khodorkovsky a fair trial. Vytautas Landsbergis MEPen
13/07/2006 EP-rapporteur recommends discharge for EP budget 2004, but criticizes building policy. Markus Ferber MEPdeen
13/07/2006 Budget Control Committee - Interpretation in the EU is cheap. Alexander Stubb MEPen
12/07/2006 We are on the way towards the creation of a European army. Karl von Wogau MEPdeen
12/07/2006 Coveney welcomes US recognition of rights for Guantanamo detaineesen
12/07/2006 Comunicação europeia é mais do que uma Europa virtual/ White paper on a Euroopean communication policy, Maria da Assunção Esteves MEPpt
12/07/2006 Agrarfinanzierung: Kommissionsvorschlag für freiwillige Modulation ist völlig inakzeptabel/ No re-nationalization of Common Agricultural Policy. Lutz Goepel MEPde
12/07/2006 Telephone roaming proposals welcomed. Simon Coveney MEPen
11/07/2006 Public Hearing on the EU wine sector. Elisabeth Jeggle MEPen
11/07/2006 Committee hears disturbing facts about staff management at Equitable Life. Sir Robert Atkins MEP and Mairead McGuinness MEPen
11/07/2006 Delegation des Europäischen Parlaments besucht Operationszentrum für den Kongo-Einsatz in Potsdam/ EP-Delegation visited operational centre for mission to Kongo in Potsdam, Germany. Karl von Wogau MEPde
10/07/2006 Invitation to an informal press briefing: The European Security Strategy and the future of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). Karl von Wogau MEPen
07/07/2006 OSCE PA elects PPE candidate Göran Lennmarker as Presidenten
07/07/2006 The CDI congratulates Felipe Calderón for his victory in Mexican electionsesen
06/07/2006 Kommission folgt Änderungswünschen des Parlaments im Haushaltsrecht. Ingeborg Gräßle MDEPde
06/07/2006 EPP-ED Group decides to create a monitoring group on political developments in Slovakiaen
06/07/2006 Economic and social consequences of companies restructuring in Europe. Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEP and José Silva Peneda MEPenpt
06/07/2006 EPP President congratulates Nikola Gruevski for FYROM victoryen
06/07/2006 Partenariat UE-Caraïbes: les DOM, tête de pont de l'Europe. Margie Sudre, MdPEfr
06/07/2006 Papastamkos MEP congratulates FYROM for peaceful electionen
06/07/2006 Better visa policy for the Western Balkans is necessary. Doris Pack MEPen
06/07/2006 Anders Wijkman MEP hosts Forum on Climate and Energy Securityen
06/07/2006 Adults and family solidarity: conciliation of family and professional life and recognition of informal work: Intergroup on Family and Childhood. Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou MEPenfr
06/07/2006 CIA renditions: European countries must respect human rights. Jas Gawronski MEPen
06/07/2006 Somalia: dangerous and changing situation causing concern. Simon Coveney MEPen
06/07/2006 CIA Committee's interim report approved by the European Parliament. Carlos Coelho MEPenpt
06/07/2006 Cyprus: The religious heritage in the northern part of Cyprus must be preserved and protected. Iles Braghetto MEP and Panayiotis Demetriou MEPen
06/07/2006 Carlos Coelho defende Política de Imigração Europeia/ Immigrants in the European Union, Carlos Coelho MEPpt
06/07/2006 Carlos Coelho participa no debate sobre transferência de dados bancários para os EUA/ Interception of bank transfer data from the SWIFT system. Carlos Coelho MEPpt
05/07/2006 Finnish Presidency of Council - efficient and professional performance expected. Hans-Gert Poettering, EPP-ED Group Chairmandeen -  (video)
05/07/2006 Hans-Gert Poettering: The EPP-ED Group supports the position of the Spanish Partido Popular on the negotiations between the Spanish Government and the ETA terrorist groupen
05/07/2006 João de Deus Pinheiro intervém no debate sobre a apresentação do Programa da Presidência Finlandesa da UE/ The programme of the Finnish presidency. João de Deus Pinheiro, EPP-ED Vice-Chairman pt
05/07/2006 Mais investigação e inovação - Investir no crescimento e no emprego/ More research and innovation - Investing for growth and employment. José Silva Peneda MEPpt
05/07/2006 Carlos Coelho defende reforço da Cooperação policial durante eventos internacionais/ Carlos Coelho defends the strengthening police cooperation during international events, Carlos Coelho MEPpt
05/07/2006 Tunne Kelam MEP, awarded Schuman Medalen - Photos available
05/07/2006 EU must actively contribute to the stabilization of the Middle East. Elmar Brok MEPdeen
05/07/2006 Présidence finlandaise de l'Union: une période d'attente ou d'action ? Françoise Grossetête, MdPEfr
05/07/2006 Silva Peneda defende reforço da indústria transformadora da UE/ Towards a more integrated approach for industrial policy. José Silva Peneda MEPpt
05/07/2006 Aviation: harmonisation des règles techniques - La sécurité maximum maintenue. Christine de Veyrac, MdPEfr
05/07/2006 WTO negotiations still without result. Georgios Papastamkos MEP and Robert Sturdy MEPen
05/07/2006 Better cooperation among European police services for safer large events. Frieda Brepoels MEPen
04/07/2006 Carlos Coelho MEP apoia Protocolo sobre tráfico de Pessoas/ Carlos Coelho supports Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Personspt
04/07/2006 EU Structural Fund Reform: Parliament has its way. Konstantinos Hatzidakis MEPen
04/07/2006 European grouping of territorial co-operation: New instrument adopted by Parliament. Jan Olbrycht MEPenpl
04/07/2006 Parliament adopts Equitable Life interim report en
04/07/2006 Réduction de l'impact de l'aviation sur le changement climatique: le cas des régions insulaires. Margie Sudre MdPEfr
04/07/2006 EU Social Fund Reform: European Parliament approves Silva Peneda Reportenpt
04/07/2006 Réforme des Fonds structurels 2007-2013 : les DOM doivent rester performants en matière de gestion des aides européennes. Margie Sudre, MdPEfr
04/07/2006 Décision sur les ressources du budget européen: dernier rafistolage avant la réforme. Alain Lamassoure, MdPEfr
04/07/2006 Adoption par le Parlement européen de Règlements sur les fonds structurels à une très large majorité. Ambroise Guellec, MdPEfr
04/07/2006 Dichiarazione dell' On. Marcello Vernola sulla presenza militare in Kosovo/ Declaration of the Marcello Vernola MEP on the military presence in
04/07/2006 Maritime sector under EU competition law. Corien Wortmann-Kool MEPen
04/07/2006 Marcello Vernola: Il PE ha adottato il progetto di direttiva su pile e accumulatori/The EP has adopted the directive plan on batteries and storage cells. Marcello Vernola MEPit
04/07/2006 Silva Peneda apoia Relatório Lamassoure sobre os Recursos próprios das Comunidades Europeias/ Silva Peneda MEP supports Lamassoure report on European Communities' own resources, José Silva Peneda MEPpt
04/07/2006 Regime especial para as RUP´s nas futuras taxas à aviação por impactos ambientais / Reducing the climate change impact of aviation. Sérgio Marques and Duarte Freitas MEPspt
04/07/2006 Carlos Coelho apoia Relatório relativo a informações sobre transferências electrónicas/ Carlos Coelho MEP supports Report on information on electronic transfers pt
04/07/2006 Consolidation of the EU financial services sector must maintain variety. Karsten Hoppenstedt, MEPdeen
03/07/2006 EPP President: "Fico coalition a setback for Slovakia and Europe"en