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Lebanon crisis - request for immediate ceasefire, disarmament of Hezbollah and liberation of hostages. Hans-Gert Poettering MEP


Speaking at the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament, gathering at an extraordinary meeting today, the EPP-ED Chairman Hans-Gert Poettering MEP called for an instant end to the hostilities in Lebanon:

"We demand that there be an immediate ceasefire from both Israel and the Hezbollah in this conflict. This needs to be accompanied by a complete disarmament of the Hezbollah, according to the United Nations Security Council's resolution no. 1559 and the unconditional liberation of the Israeli soldiers and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, which are being held as hostages", said Mr. Poettering.

"In order to avoid an endless spiral of conflicts, both Israel and Palestine must have secure borders. However, in defending their security, all countries must abide by international rules and refrain from taking disproportionate measures. This also applies to Israel", Mr. Poettering stressed, adding that he fully supports deploying an international stabilisation force under UN supervision and with the participation of the European Union.

"The EU commands considerable confidence in this region. Europe must therefore act and speak with one voice in this deeply regrettable and devastating armed conflict", Mr. Poettering said.

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