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The European Parliament honours József Antall by naming new building after him


The EPP-ED Group has welcomed the decision of the Bureau of the European Parliament to name one of the new wings of the EP in Brussels after József Antall.

József Antall, former Prime Minister of Hungary (1990-1993), became a symbol of the defeat of the Communist regime. His life, his moral authority, his strong character and his steadfast political values are an example to every European citizen.

Commenting on the decision, the Hungarian Delegation of the EPP-ED Group said: "Every Hungarian should be proud that one of the main buildings of the European Union will bear the name of the late Hungarian Prime Minister." Yesterday's decision is the first time that an EU building has been named after a politician from a new Member State.

The EPP-ED Group has also campaigned energetically to honour the memory of Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist, murdered in Moscow. The Group therefore welcomes wholeheartedly the decision to name the European Parliament's Press Room in her honour. The new bridge linking the new buildings to the rest of the Parliament complex will be named after Konrad Adenauer - one of Parliament's buildings in Luxembourg already bears his name.

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Notes to Editors:
The EPP-ED Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 289 Members from all 27 Member States.