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Strengthening European governance with the support of national parliaments: 12th Summit of Chairmen of the EPP Parliamentary Groups in National Parliaments. Joseph Daul MEP


12th Summit of the Chairmen of the EPP Parliamentary Groups of the EU
"The time has come for Europeans to learn the lessons of the crisis, and call for major reforms of European governance."

These were the opening remarks from Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, in the presence of European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy and Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, at the 12th Summit of Chairmen of the EPP Parliamentary Groups in National Parliaments in the EU.

On the agenda of the Summit: the economy, with the new Europe 2020 Strategy and the European External Action Service (EEAS).

"As recognized by the European Council on Friday, we urgently need an economic government, and I am glad that, finally, we took the right path. This calls for further coordination on social legislation - retirement age, weekly working time - on tax rules and in building coordination on national budgets", said Joseph Daul, who added "I am convinced that the new Europe 2020 Strategy should take into account the failures of the Lisbon Strategy and at the same time propose a long-term, realistic and ambitious strategy to prepare our countries to compete globally in the next ten years. Our group is about to make specific proposals on this strategy and I am sure the discussions of the next two days will enhance the contributions of our political family."

"The Lisbon Treaty enhances the role of the European Parliament, this is often said, but also the role of national parliaments. This went unnoticed most of the time, but is also very important to me and those of my political group," said Joseph Daul.

Referring to the European External Action Service (EEAS) he stressed that "for the EPP Group, it is vital that Europe should speak on the world stage with only one voice, more and more. The more we are divided, the less we will be taken into consideration in the world because our partners and our competitors will use our divisions for their own purposes".

That is why my Group wants to stick to the European, communitarian dimension of this Service, which should not simply reflect a conglomeration of the Foreign Affairs interests of each of the 27 Member States. Such an instrument would be both unmanageable and counter-productive. The External Action Service should instead be an expression of the European interest, it has to promote genuine European added-value, and not move back to inter-governmentalism", said Joseph Daul.

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Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, Tel: +32-2-2847525
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Notes to Editors:
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 265 Members.

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