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Economic Recovery: Cohesion policy is paramount for EU economic growth. Danuta Hübner MEP and Othmar Karas MEP


HUBNER, DanutaKARAS, Othmar"Cohesion policy is the motor of growth and the wisest solution to the economic crisis", Danuta Hübner MEP, Member of the Special Committee on the Financial, Economic and Social Crisis of the European Parliament (CRIS) and Co-thematic leader.

"Future cohesion policy should offer regions good practice models in a more robust way to enable those less competitive to open up to global competition without protective measures. This can be achieved through helping regions to identify measures they can use to increase innovation, productivity and competitiveness", said Danuta Hübner MEP, who initiated today's EPP Group CRIS workshop. Hübner is also the EPP Group's thematic leader in the CRIS Committee on the Report on the contribution of cohesion policy to the economic recovery.

Othmar Karas MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group and EPP Group Coordinator in the CRIS Committee, stressed that cohesion is a guarantee for a harmonious territorial, economic and social development. "An effective cohesion policy will sustain a well-functioning internal market and the smooth circulation of people. Cohesion policy is a key element of our response to the financial and economic crisis and should be a cornerstone of the European exit strategy."

In today's workshop, panellists underlined that the impact of the crisis had been territorially asymmetric and some countries had suffered more than others. The effects of the crisis could thus result in weakened territorial cohesion unless they are countered by policies targeting specific problems in a differentiated manner.

"It is vital that any long-term EU investment strategy supported by the cohesion policy be linked to results in terms of competitiveness, innovation, job creation and green growth, improvements in economic cohesion at European level, and especially between old and new Member States", said Karas.

Panel speaker Michael Schneider, President of the EPP Group in the Committee of the Regions, added: "The Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth stands at the heart of Europe's recovery plans and needs to be implemented in cooperation with Europe's local and regional authorities. With its decentralised approach and built-in system of multi-level governance, cohesion policy must be considered an important financial instrument for both recovering from the crisis and ensuring continued territorial development and growth."

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