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Mediation: adequate dispute resolution processes in the Member States. Paulo Rangel MEP


RANGEL, PauloEncouraging the use of mediation in civil and commercial matters, promoting the amicable settlement of disputes, is the main objective of a Report adopted yesterday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with 633 votes in favour, 20 against, and 10 abstentions.

EPP Group Vice-Chairman and Spokesman on the topic, Paulo Rangel MEP, said: "We all know the advantages related to mediation: being an extrajudicial mean of solving conflicts, mediation contributes to the lightening of the burden on the court system, to rationalising the justice system, simultaneously allowing the parties the possibility of obtaining an amicable, faster and cheaper solution to their dispute."

"Therefore, it is essential to reaffirm our objective of adopting measures that boost the use of resources of solving disputes alternatively, specially the use of mediation. Promoting access to and the use of extrajudicial mechanisms to solve conflicts contributes to improving, simplifying and increasing accessibility to justice. This is a very important challenge for the European Union, for the implementation of the area of freedom, security and justice, and also for the idea of the 'rule of law' within the European Union", said the Portuguese MEP.

"This is why I consider quite important, in this context of crisis, and according to the Report, to raise awareness of the members of the judiciary and the citizens in general for this issue. Therefore, I call on the Commission to present as soon as possible a legislative proposal on alternative dispute resolution", concluded Paulo Rangel MEP.

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