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International Women's Day: equal pay for work of equal value. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, and Mariya Nedelcheva MEP


DAUL, JosephNEDELCHEVA, MariyaOn the occasion of International Women's Day, Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, and Mariya Nedelcheva MEP, EPP Group Coordinator in the Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee of the European Parliament, have welcomed the European Parliament initiative to fight for gender equality, especially in terms of wages and employment, by organising a conference 'Equal pay for work of equal value'.

"There are no jobs that a woman cannot do yet there are still glass ceilings which do not allow women to achieve their full potential. Today is an opportunity for important debates and more importantly about concrete actions", stated Joseph Daul. "We want equal rights and equal pay for women; we want them happy taking care of their families and being satisfied at work as well. Indeed, we need their participation in the labour market. We want them safe and the EPP Group will do everything to fight against violence against women which is still so depressingly common in Europe."

"For me, this day is of crucial importance. Although many rights have been achieved, such as voting rights for women and their place in society, there is still much to do", Mrs Nedelcheva pointed out. "According to reports from the European Commission, the Indicator of Gender Wage Gap (IESG) shows that women in Europe earn 16.4% less than men. In addition, the IESG varies from country to country. These numbers reveal that today in the European Union, women are still discriminated against in terms of income and employment. Why is there still a gender pay gap even though the issue has been enshrined in the European Community Treaties for a very long time?", asked Mrs Nedelcheva.

The Chairman of the EPP Group and the EPP Group Coordinator in the FEMM Committee both appealed to the European authorities to take responsibility to fight against discrimination against women by developing targeted and concrete measures to ensure the application of the principle 'equal pay for work of equal value'. The MEPs also encourage the Member States to develop and promote all legislation needed to ensure equality between men and women in tackling discrimination. Also, in times of economic crisis, when Member States speak about fostering economic growth and jobs, the situation of women and girls should not be forgotten and taken into account: they should be encouraged to choose studies, training and careers in growth areas (new and green technologies, scientific jobs, IT, etc) so that they too can participate.

The FEMM Committee is currently working on the Gender Pay Gap Report. The Rapporteur is EPP Group MEP Edit Bauer. The Report will be voted in the FEMM Committee on 23 April and at the May Plenary Session.

Programme of the Equal Pay for Equal Work, Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on International Women's Day (8 March)

In Focus: Equal pay for equal work or work of equal value - closing the gender pay gap

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