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Discharge postponed for three Agencies - correct management of conflict of interests on EP agenda. Monica Macovei MEP


MACOVEI, MonicaFollowing a proposal by Monica Macovei MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur for the 2010 discharge of 24 decentralised Agencies and 7 Joint Undertakings, the Plenary today postponed discharge for 3 agencies: the European Food Safety Authority, the European Medicines Agency and the European Environment Agency.

Monica Macovei stated: "The world has been changing and we must follow it. Transparency and proper management of the conflict of interests have become vital for governance and for our citizens. Conflict of interests must be a criteria in the discharge procedure for all EU Institutions. If they are not correctly managed, conflict of interests can distort the allocation of financial and human resources, cause a waste of public funds and weaken the citizens' trust."

"I also call on the Council, Commission and Member States to revise the way they appoint members in the Management Boards of the decentralised Agencies and Directors. This meets some Agencies' needs, we support them to implement proper policies on conflict of interests and public procurement."

The decision on the discharge for the three Agencies will be taken in Autumn 2012.

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