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Aviation emissions trading: Parliament approves stop-the-clock proposal. Peter Liese MEP and Richard Seeber MEP


LIESE, PeterSEEBER, RichardThe European Parliament approved a proposal to suspend the inclusion of third-country flights (the 'stop-the-clock' proposal) from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme today. Parliament had reached an agreement with Council beforehand.

Als early as 2008 the EU had agreed to include aviation in the EU Emissions Trading System. The decision was unanimous in Council and agreed on by over 90 percent of MEPs. "The European Union is ready to reach a global deal on aviation emissions. There has been huge opposition from third countries against the current EU legislation, but the EU reaffirms again its position on this agreement," said Peter Liese MEP, who is European Parliament Rapporteur, and Richard Seeber MEP, EPP Group spokesperson on environment.

The stop-the-clock proposal is a signal to the international community that it is not the European Union that stands in the way of an international agreement. "Now, it is up to the other ICAO members. Do they want an international solution or have they just been paying lip service? Aviation emissions trading is not the problem, but the solution and our legislation is here to stay. The EU will consider any further legal action only on the basis of a substantial outcome at the ICAO Assembly. This either means that ICAO finds a solution or we will continue to cover intercontinental flights in our scheme as foreseen," said Liese and Seeber.

"Only intercontinental flights are covered by the derogation and only for a limited period of one year. For flights within Europe everything will remain the same. It was right that the EU stood firm against international pressure. Now we have reached a suitable stage for negotiations at international level," the two EPP Group MEPs said.

Final adoption of the proposal in plenary is scheduled for the April session, and it can enter into force before 30 April.

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